High Speed & Multiphase Flow Laboratory-Laboratory Assistant position

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Job responsibilities:

1.     Responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory including: clean room conditions, clean water system, compressed gas system, maintenance of safety equipment, organization and management of the laboratory equipment and consumables;

2.     Develop and implement laboratory trainings and safety regulation;

3.     Development of the laboratory: continue developing and upgrading the facilities in the laboratory according to the requirements of research projects, design of experimental setups.

4.     Funding monitoring and applications;

5.     Research support: support ongoing research projects by assisting experiments in the laboratory;

6.     Administrative support: write progress reports, support the organization of academic exchange events, support the foreign group members for administrative processes, support the communication work…

Job requirements:

1.     Expertise in Fluid Mechanics: preferably with a master degree or higher in a related field, to help buy the appropriate equipment, translate documents accurately, support research projects in the lab;

2.     Technical skills: maintenance and operation of the Fluid Mechanics experimental laboratory, budget management, basic knowledge of LaTeX and Matlab;

3.     Excellent oral and written English: to support foreign members of the group and for international activities (collaborations, exchanges, publications, …);

4.     Independent and proactive;

5.     Efficient time management.

Application process:

Fill in the form 西安交通大学招聘报名表》(press to download) and submit together with CV, copy of degree certificate and other supporting documents to email: . Please write the email title in the format of “应聘+姓名+学历+专业+硕士毕业院校+本科毕业院校”.

Contact person: 陶老师

Phone number: 82666239

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