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The 4th Silk Road International Spring Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars


April 11-15, 2018, Xi’an, China


Looking forward to your participation!

1. 学校简介 Introduction of XJTU


Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) is a national key university administered by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and one of the earliest institutions of higher education in China. It is a comprehensive research university with a high reputation in science and engineering, composing of 10 branches of disciplines, namely: science, engineering, medicine, economy, management, literature, law, philosophy, education and art. As one of the first universities entering "211 Project" and "985 Project" in China, XJTU is selected to be developed into a global first-class university.


Accompanying with its over 120 years history, XJTU has forged a set of principles to which it has remained true: devotion to learning makes the country stronger; creation grows out of hard work; honor rectitude and respect truth; learn teaching rigorously and the character of loving China and the university and bearing in mind where one's happiness comes from. The university also insists on the school-operating characteristic of having "High starting point, Profound foundation, Strict requirements and Emphasizing practice".


In recent years, XJTU focuses on national strategy, vigorously promoting the establishment of the Western China Science & Technology Innovation, iHarbour, which is designed to be an innovative unit with a union of "campus, industrial zone and community", a combination of technologies and services, and a link center of science, technology and industry.


With its four fields of research, science, engineering, medicine and social sciences, iHarbour will establish 23 research institutes including power electronics, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy and power, IT, advanced materials, aerospace aviation, biomedicine, environmental protection, etc. iHarbour will also become a full-featured, convenient and beautiful town covering scientific research, education, technology transfer and comprehensive supporting, i.e. a town of wisdom.


In the near future, the university will establish in iHarbour a talent highland in western China, gathering a large number of outstanding scholars and young talents to create an international team of talents. In building a novel, international, world-class professional development system, the university will provide the talents a platform to achieve their ambitions and fulfil their dreams.


In this new century, XJTU continues to fulfill its three-pronged mission of education, research, and social service and achieve prominence. By the middle period of 21st century, XJTU aims at becoming a world-class research university honored at home and respected throughout the world, where prestigious professors and talented students gather.

2. 研讨会简介 Introduction of SRIS


Silk Road International Symposium (SRIS) is an extraordinary communicating event for academic and professional development which is held by XJTU for outstanding young scholars from all over the world. Meanwhile, XJTU would also like to take this opportunity to facilitate the communication and collaboration between the invited scholars and XJTU faculties, present XJTU's talents recruitment schemes and attract interested distinguished scholars to join XJTU.


XJTU has already held the SRIS three times since 2015. In total, around 600 distinguished young scholars who came from more than 30 countries and regions have been invited to participate this extraordinary event.


SRIS comprises one Keynote Session and several Parallel Sessions. Presentations on the development strategies and current situation of academics, faculty, research and postgraduate education of XJTU will be given in the keynote Session. The parallel sessions consist of a series of activities hosted by related schools, including academic exchanges, lab tour, meetings with deans and members of faculty. Invited scholars can thus have a clear vision on working environment, research, infrastructure, positions, etc. of XJTU.


In order to attract young scholars at home and abroad in wide range, the SRIS will be held twice a year from 2018, one session in spring and the other in autumn respectively. SRIS spring 2018 is now open for distinguished young scholars from following disciplines:




Fields of Science

Target Disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Science




Fields of Energy and Environment

Target Disciplines: Energetics and Engineering Thermophysics, Nuclear Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Electric Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering, Architecture

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Energy and Power Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering




Fields of Machinery, Aeronautics & Astronautics and Materials

Target Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Mechanics, Aerospace Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Aerospace, School of Materials Science and Engineering




Fields of Electronics and Information

Target Disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Cyberspace Security, Software Engineering

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Electronic and Information Engineering (include School of Microelectronics), School of Software Engineering




Fields of Medical Science and Bioscience

Target Disciplines: Preclinical medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Stomatology, Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Nursing, Biology, Biomedical Engineering

Related Schools of XJTU: Health Science Center, School of Life Science and Technology




Fields of Administration and Economics

Target Disciplines: Practical Economics, Theoretical Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Management, School of Public Policy and Administration, School of Economics and Finance, Jinhe Center for Economic Research




Fields of Humanities & Social Sciences

Target Disciplines: Foreign Languages and Literatures, Law, Philosophy, Marxist theory, Journalism and Communication, Sociology, Pedagogy, Science of Physical Culture and Sports, Design Science

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Humanities and Social Science(include School of Journalism and New Media), School of Law, School of Marxism Studies, School of Foreign Studies



Interdisciplinary Fields over above Fields

Related Schools of XJTU: Frontier Institute of Science and Technology

3. 申请条件 Application Requirements


Applicants should hold a Ph.D. degree, be under the age of 40 (including 40) and generally have more than 2 years of working experience.


Applicants should have achieved outstanding academic accomplishments and high reputation in their research field, having earned recognition in the scholarly community.


Applicants should have a broad academic vision and innovative thinking with enormous potential of future leadership in their research field.


Applicants should be dedicated to research, law abiding and ethical.

4. 注册申请 Registration


Option 1: Applicants could log on to SRIS website at http://sris.xjtu.edu.cn/English for online registration and uploading his/her curriculum vitae (CV) in Word or PDF format. The CV should include the following information: personal information (including education and working experiences), research interests, academic achievements (including list of publications), and other information deemed necessary by the applicants. The CV to be uploaded can be either in English or in Chinese.


Option 2: Applicants could email his/her CV with the registration information to sris2018@xjtu.edu.cn. SRIS Secretariat will help to complete the online registration. The registration information should include: name, gender, nationality, date of birth, E-mail address, current working country, current employer, job title, the highest degree obtained, mobile phone number in China (if applicable), the first choice of school, research field and etc.


Application Deadline for SRIS Spring 2018: March 15, 2018.

5. 日程安排 Schedule


April 11: Registration


April 12: Keynote Session in XJTU; visiting the Innovation iHarbour, tour of Housing, Kindergarten, Primary school and High School Affiliated to XJTU


April 13-14: Parallel Sessions, meeting with school deans/distinguished professors, Lab tour etc.


April 15: End of the Symposium

6. 其他信息 Other Information


SRIS charges no registration fees. Domestic and international travel expenses will be reimbursed for all the invited scholars. Accommodation, food and airport/railway station transportation will be provided by the university.

进一步咨询请发邮件至研讨会秘书处邮箱sris2018@xjtu.edu.cn或致电+86 29 8266 6336。

For further information about SRIS, please contact the secretariat by sending E-mail to sris2018@xjtu.edu.cn or via phone at +86 29 8266 6336.


For more information about XJTU, please visit website: http://en.xjtu.edu.cn/.

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